UnityCast TV

Where are you from?

North West of England

Share an interesting fact about yourself.

My Name is JenFIRE because i am a Fire dancer

What is your favourite beverage?

Ginger beer

How many years have you've been playing Minecraft?

When the coral reefs were added?

What kind of Minecrafter are you?

Thats a difficult one, I like to build, but I like minigames/teamgames/uhcs, ect

When did you first start streaming?

I've been affiliated 1 year on 8th May 2021, I was streaming for 4 months before affiliation

What type of video games do you enjoy playing?

Minecraft, but I have played conan exiles, overwatch, arc survival evolved, sea of thieves, atlas and ESO before. I occasionally play UNO and Among us with my friends