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Where are you from?

I am from Upstate New York, United States

What is your favourite beverage?

I only drink 3 things currently, coffee, water and Dr. Pepper

How many years have you've been playing Minecraft?

I first started playing Minecraft on the Xbox 360 I think back in 2011. I switched over to the Java version in 2017 and never looked back.

What kind of Minecrafter are you?

I love buidling farms and then making them look pretty after. I still wouldn't call myself a builder, but i'm working on it!

When did you first start streaming?

I started streaming off my Xbox back in 2014, back when Minecraft Xbox was it's own game category on twitch. I got my first gaming PC in 2016 and started streaming from that right away.

What type of video games do you enjoy playing?

I like a lot of simulator type games and many games that are multiplayer based. Sims 4, American Truck Simulator, Raft, Golf With Friends. Strangly enough, I really enjoy the Far Cry games! [14:13] Can I add, 2- I also hate the term IRL. Like our virtual lives are not real.