UnityCast TV


Where are you from?

Iowa, U.S.A.

Share an interesting fact about yourself.

I absolutely love Yellowstone National Park and could tell you stories for days about my adventures.

What is your favourite beverage?

Chai Tea Latte is my absolute favorite, but you'll rarely see me without a bottle of water.

How many years have you've been playing Minecraft?

5 years.

What kind of Minecrafter are you?

I would classify myself as a terraformer/explorer who enjoys building and is learning redstone.

When did you first start streaming?

October 27, 2019.

What type of video games do you enjoy playing?

I love playing a variety of video games! In addition to Minecraft, I also play 7 Days to Die, Teamfight Tactics, Stardew Valley, Journey to the Savage Planet, Scrap Mechanic, and Skyrim just to name a few. These are just the PC video games. I love playing Empires & Puzzles on my phone, and I have my old Nintendo DS around too. (These are just the video games. Ask me about RPGs & board/card games & I'd have a huge list!)