UnityCast TV


Where are you from?

I’m from the Republic of Ireland.

Share an interesting fact about yourself.

I am a huge cartoon-nerd and love watching animators on YouTube.

What is your favourite beverage?

My favourite drink is Redbull (sometimes mixed with vodka).

How many years have you've been playing Minecraft?

I started playing Minecraft on Pocket Edition back in 2015 and switched to java about a year after that.

What kind of Minecrafter are you?

I’m a builder first and foremost, love to terraform and make stuff look pretty, but I do dabble in redstone quite a bit.

When did you first start streaming?

I began streaming in July of 2019.

What type of video games do you enjoy playing?

I spend most of my free time playing sandbox games like MC or The Sims, but I’ll give anything a go if I think it looks interesting!